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Fic: Surprisingly Well - darth_gojira
Fic: Surprisingly Well
Title: Surprisingly Well
Universe: Harry Potter
Genre: romance, PWP, humor
Main characters: Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger
Ships: Neville/Hermione
Rated: NC-17
Summary: Hermione celebrates her dominant side
A/N: For the request at http://community.livejournal.com/saying_yes_2010/   for  http://vane-nt.livejournal.com/

Hermione Granger still wasn’t quite sure what she was doing in a corset, boots and miniskirt (made of black leather of all things). She wasn’t one to do things on anything as silly as a whim. Whims were made by people without any idea of what they were doing. She, however, always knew what she was doing. Except now.


True, she had body-bound Neville in the first year at Hogwarts, but stripping him naked and magically fastening his hands and feet to a bed was not something she ever recalled doing. Let alone the riding crop. Especially the riding crop.


She twisted the implement in her hand as she circled around the bed where the other former Gryffindor student was waiting. She could see his chest rise and fall rapidly in anxiety. Hermione couldn’t blame him. She was used to being in charge after all, in the office, at the table, or in bed. You don’t become part of the Wizangamot being a weak-willed submissive. However, this was an extreme neither had ever seen before, and he looked as confused and aroused as she was.


There was something in his eyes she couldn’t quite guess. There was his usual fear and anxiety, but there was also…anticipation. That took her off guard and stopped her nervous pacing. After all these years, she thought her dominating side was something that hurt him, scared him, and made him weak. And now he seemed to be enjoying it. Ron fought back, Harry ignored her, and Neville patiently endured her. That’s the way it worked. He liked it. He liked being submitted.


Hermione had a few weak spots, like chocolate ices, report cards, and Neville’s mouth, but two she now realized was being in control, and using that control to make someone feel better. It had always been instinctual, part of what school was all about for her. But this…this….it apparated into her worldview and made her feel a rush like a butterbeer after a long walk in the snow.


She felt herself smiling.


“So, Mr Longbottom”, her worried slinking turned into a predatory strut and her murmurs turned into a purr, “remind me again, where were you at the time when I was having congenial visit to Harry and Ginny’s for tea?”


“R-r-reading” he stared at her, still in awe. The outfit and the situation were enough, but her attitude overwhelmed him.


“Reading what?” she purred. For once, that horrible polyjuice disaster second year had come in handy, as she remembered exactly what vocal chords and breath to use.


“I don’t remember”. His breaths were coming in gasps now.


“Was it one of your herbology books?” She stopped at the foot of the bed and stared down at him, totally in power


“No. It was one of your books” Neville was capable of withstanding torture. Snape’s special slicing curse had turned his chest and abdomen into a network of scars that had taken over three years to fade away. But when it came to the people he cared for, he was an open book.


“Which book?” She steepled her fingers, only to remember that she was wearing matching gloves to the rest of her….outfit.


“The one with…the..” He tried to gesture, but only his fingers could move, “The one that Parvati gave you on our wedding day”


“Ah, the Vatsyayana classic.  What, did Ron refuse to give you his Playwizard?” she taunted with a grin.


“N-No. I was curious…and I-I thought we might someday, you know, um…” His body was covered in sweat. He would always come home sweaty after a day in the garden or at the greenhouse. It was less disgusting than she thought it would be.


“You may make suggestions for our love life, but I don’t take kindly to subterfuge. Usually you ask for my books, even though you don’t need to” She menacingly began to slap the riding crop against her gloved palm.


“What are going to do?” He knew perfectly well not to expect an answer


“I’m sure you know” Usually when Hermione smiled, it was one of joy or appreciation or triumph. This was a smile she usually reserved for a particularly nasty article or right before she ordered Umbridge’s memory erased. And then she came on with the crop.


“Tell me, Mr. Longbottom, how does that feel?” She asked him, slowly dragging the crop on soles of his feet. His only response was a quiet moan.


“Interesting. How about this?” The crop slid up the inside of his leg, stroking the thigh lovingly like it was Hermione’s hand.


“Oh, Hermione….”


“Give me a straight answer!” She snarled, cracking the crop on his bare arse.


Neville howled, but managed to regain his coherence for only a second.


“It feels wonderful”


“Where?” She cracked it again on his other arse cheek


“Everywhere” He gasped


“Oh” Well, there goes that portion. Very well, she could always use the crop later. She was just having fun with it.


“Is it as good as my tongue?” She leaned on the bed, giving him a perfect view down her bodice.


“It’s wonderful” He whispered.


“I’ll have to do a comparison, then” She growled, and with that began to crawl up the bed. She could taste the sweat on his left ankle, the smoothness of his skin, the muscle of his thigh.


“That’s bloody brilliant, Hermione” he moaned


She slapped his arse, carefully to hit a different spot than the crop.


“Is it better or worse?” This time, she didn’t snarl, but said it firmly and deliberately.


“Not sure. Maybe you could do it again…”


“I have a better idea”


She had seen those awful pornographic films that consisted soley of the poor woman slurping on some ugly man’s penis. She had been in classes with Hagrid or Snape that were less horrid.


What Hermione did was slower, precise, and careful. She licked his shaft slowly, once on each side. The taste was the same for the rest of Neville for Hermione, but it was the feel, and moreoever Neville’s loud whimpers as she tasted him that made her feel truly empowered.


She swirled the tongue around and then moved to plant a kiss on his belly


“Can a whip do that?”


“No. This…muchbetter…loveyou…” his words came in short bursts as he panted heavily to keep himself in control.


“Don’t worry” Her tone turned soothing and caring suddenly, “You’ll orgasm when I say you will. Nothing else”


With that, she licked up his stomach and into his navel. Every part of him tasted the same, but they all tasted very good. She felt him quiver against her tongue, and even when she stopped to crawl up the bed, her mere breath was sending shivers up his spine.


She loved when he did that.

Up to the chest, where she couldn’t resist licking each nipple once before going between them. Neville arched up against her, moaning. She had to admit that the moaning was starting to drive her crazy, and she nibbled his neck to inspire more.


“Neville?” she whispered into his ear before tugging it between her teeth


“Oh, Hermione” he moaned


“I love you”.


It was all she could say. “Shut up” “You taste wonderful” “Just kiss me” all flashed through her mind, but it was how much she loved him that really entered her mind. She remembered when she first realized she loved him long ago at Hogwarts, and how it took many weeks before she could come to terms with it. She had always known he loved her from the fourth year on, but she still couldn’t figure her own feelings. After all, she thought Ron loved her. The realization that she loved him in return threw her paradigm on its head, and yet it brought her years of joy and relief.


All thoughts were banished through her mind as she kissed him. Whenever she kissed him, it was like her mind evaporated. Usually, it would be humiliating, disempowering, and disorienting. But when Neville kissed her, it felt like it made perfect sense.


Her sight, touch, balance, thought, and sense of time and space all dissipated when they kissed, banishing everything but love. For all she knew, they were in the middle of the ocean of a distant planet, thousands of years from now. And she loved the sensation.


Finally, she pulled back.


“Neville, I think it’s my turn now” She whispered, undoing the binding spell on his hands. Instantly, he embraced her


“Why?” he murmured into her ear.


“Thought you might like it” Hermione let out a little smile before she kissed him again.


“And you were saying something about it being your turn?” he tried to sound seductive. To any other girl, it would have come off as hilarious. To Hermione, it foreboded something wonderful.


She could only close her eyes as he kissed her lips, moved down to her neck, then move back up to lick an ear. Neville was trying to repay for all the pleasure she had given him, and it was working. Still, she couldn’t help but stay in control as long as possible.


“Take off my clothes” she said quietly.


“Give me a minute” he muttered, kissing her cleavage.

“Please! Do it now!” Hermione moaned.


Neville didn’t have his wand with him, but he managed to figure out how to undo the lacing of the corset. He was slow about it, stroking the exposed skin, and continuing to kiss the exposed tops of her breasts.


He peeled off the corset slowly, his warm breath paradoxically sending chills down Hermione’s spine. She couldn’t stand it any longer.


“Suck me”


Neville obediently complied, lips pulling on her hard nipples, causing a loud moan at each suck. If Hermione had been thinking of anything other than sheer ecstasy, she would have wondered why he enjoyed sucking on her flesh. Was it for her reaction? Was it the taste? Or was it simply because it drove her wild.


“Don’t stop” She managed to speak out her one thought.


Neville had no intention of stopping, latched on, one hand on her back, another cupping the other breast, and his tongue teasing the captured aureole.


Hermione was too busy aching with pleasure to notice his hand wandering down her back, but couldn’t help but react when his hand slipped under her skirt.


The combination nearly drove her to the breaking point, but Neville stopped and pulled back before she could climax.


“Neville, get back there!” she moaned


“But, I don’t want you to go before-“


“Get back now!” Her voice turned hard


Obediently, Neville’s mouth and hands returned with a vengeance. Now as he sucked on the previously unattended breast, he began to gently squeeze the other. His free hand returned back to teasing her, but now alternated between rubbing her clitoris and stroking inside her.


True to Neville’s prediction, this total assault on all her sweet spots drove her over the edge. The orgasm exploded through her, and she collapsed on top of him, having just enough thought to roll over to lie beside him.


“You know I love it when you do that” she panted as she came down from her peak.


“And I love doing it to you.” He turned to smile at her, then he seemed to remember something.

“Um, Hermione, I’m still stuck to the bed”


“And what gives you the faintest idea that I would do anything to change that?” She grinned back at him, “I can think of a million things we can do”


Neville opened his mouth to ask for an example when Hermione straddled his face. Oh. That.


Before she was carried off by his wonderful tongue and lips, Hermione realized that she was still wearing her skirt and boots. To her surprise, she didn’t really care. This was fun, and she would have to find an excuse to do it again.


“Let’s do this more often” she sighed in contentment as she felt the waves of pleasure flow through her. He tried to mumble a reply, but all it did was send another blast of sensual joy into his lover. She took it as a yes.



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hm276 From: hm276 Date: July 9th, 2010 04:51 am (UTC) (Link)
Sexy and sweet! It is always a pleasure to be able to read N/Hr, thank you very much!
darth_gojira From: darth_gojira Date: September 5th, 2010 06:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm glad you liked it!
matriarchick From: matriarchick Date: October 4th, 2010 07:11 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh dear - the hotness. I've never read bottom!Nev with top!Hermione but that was excellent. Good job!
darth_gojira From: darth_gojira Date: October 21st, 2010 07:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
I think this is the only fic of its kind. Thank you!
majinsakuko From: majinsakuko Date: July 23rd, 2011 07:07 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh, hot - just what I was looking for! : )
darth_gojira From: darth_gojira Date: July 24th, 2011 09:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've got several similar stories.
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